Portable Calibrators


 Many of the calibrators we offer are multifunctional calibrators, so you  don’t have to carry multiple pieces of equipment into the field or  maintain and recalibrate multiple devices. For us, “multifunctional”  means a calibrator that can measure and generate electrical, temperature  and pressure signals. 

intrinsically Safe Calibrators


We offer calibrators that are Intrinsically Safe and can be used in  hazardous Ex areas, where explosive gases may be present. Using Ex  certified calibrators makes it easier for you, as it eliminates the need  for always getting hot-work permits when going on site. Our Ex  calibrators are both ATEX and IECEx certified. 

Temperature Calibrators


 Our temperature dry blocks accurately generate temperatures that can be  used for applications like temperature sensor calibration. We also offer  electrical temperature calibrators that can measure and simulate  various temperature sensors (RTDs and thermocouples). High-accuracy  reference temperature probes are also available. 

Calibration benches


 We offer calibration test benches for calibration and maintenance of  process instruments in the workshop and laboratory. Stationary test  benches and mobile trolleys are available. Our products are modular and  versatile, so you can customize the solution to fit your needs. 

Calibration Software


 calibration management software helps in planning, managing, analyzing  and documenting all calibration work and assets safely and efficiently,  even in a highly regulated industry. 

Calibration Pumps


 We offer different calibration pressure pumps that are used to generate pressure while calibrating pressure instruments.

Several dedicated pumps are available for different purposes.