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South Instrument Company LLC

 Has an extensive experience in the industrial automation and control. Our experience is concentrated in following main area  the Industrial Control Systems and Industrial Instruments. 

We provide services to the following major industries in the region: 

  1. Oil & Gas  
  2.  Petrochemical industry  
  3. Mining and Minerals  
  4. Fertilizer Industry  
  5. Cement Industry  
  6. Chemical Industry  
  7. Power Generation, Distribution, and Supply  
  8. Food Industry  
  9. Water Supply  
  10.  Refinery 


Generate excitement

  Over the years South Instrument Company LLC has developed its capability in providing total required equipment in the fields that we deal with and that because we have a wide board of a well-known names who we are always trust that they are 

A strong support for us to keep going.


Close the deal

 Many of the international companies has recognized our quality of work and selected us as a representative for their portfolio of products, we have a good record of accomplishment in delivering projects on time and within budget, we are very experienced in inventory management for industrial installations to minimize wasted resources and maintain good inventory record. This service could also help keeping the down time low by establishing a proactive program of maintenance. In simple words South Instrument Company LLC, provide full turnkey solution for our clients.


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We provide industrial equipment ,instrumentation and calibration equipment.

South Instruments Company

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